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IVECO/SFH~ F1C Diesel Engine

World's top lightweight diesel engine, featuring Fiat technologies.
Most advanced electronically controlled common-rail fuel injection system to achieve optimum fuel injection pressure, injection quantity and injection timing control, fuel efficiency is more superior.
Using EGR exhaust gas recirculation cooling system to meet the requirements of urban environmental protection while increasing combustion efficiency.
Super cold-start characteristics, with ECU controlled heating device, it can realize quick-start at -20C.
Using VGT and supercharger controlled by ECU, it can realize low-speed high-torque output.
Double flywheel technology.

IVECO/SFH~F1C Diesel Engine Configuration 

Type F1C.150 F1C
Layout Four-Cylinder in line
Bore*Stroke 95.8mm*104mm
Displacement 3.0L
Valves per Cylinder 4 valves
Fuel Injection Electronically Controlled High Pressure Common Rail System
Intake Mode Turbocharger VGT
Rated Power / rpm 150HP@3500rpm 180HP@3500rpm
Maximum Torque / rpm 350Nm@1400-2800rpm
Fuel Consumption 205g/KW.h
Emission Euro IV / V
Size L700mm*W655mm*H800mm
Weight 247Kg

IVECO/SFH~ F1C Diesel Engine

F1C Diesel Engine for IVECO F1C Diesel Engine for IVECO
F1C Diesel Engine for IVECO F1C Diesel Engine for IVECO

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F1C Diesel Engine for IVECO