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IVECO/SFH~Cursor 9 Diesel Engine

FIAT set up a plant---NEVECO and SAIC FIAT in China which manufacture IVECO/SFH engine,daily bus and heavy truck. We can supply car ,completely engine and parts of IVECO/SFH for you.

IVECO/SFH~Cursor 9 Diesel Engine

Emission platform design is based on EV Standard, EIII / EIV Emission standard are optional.
Advance electronically controlled common-rail fuel injection system.
An extra wide rpm range to achieve maximum torque; Varieties of optional turbocharger for better performance.
Using integrated cylinder and a single-type crankshaft bearing, 10% components reduce compared to similar products. Light weight, easy for maintenance.
OHC technology combined with timing gears; Integral cylinder head and rocker arm.
Dual exhaust filter circulatory.

IVECO/SFH~Cursor 9 Diesel Engine Configuration

Type C9.290 C9.340 C9.380 C9.400
Layout Six-Cylinder in line
Bore * Stroke 117mm*135mm
Displacement 8.7L
Valves per Cylinder 4 valves
Fuel Injection Electronically Controlled High Pressure Common Rail System
Intake Mode Turbocharger VGT
Rated Power / rpm 290HP 340HP 380HP 400HP
Maximum Torque / rpm 1100Nm 1300Nm 1500Nm 1600Nm
Fuel Consumption 196g/KW.h
Emission Euro III / IV / V
Size L1335mm*W825mm*H1055mm
Net Weight 840Kg

IVECO/SFH~Cursor 9 Diesel Engine

Cursor 9 Diesel Engine for IVECO Cursor 9 Diesel Engine for IVECO
Cursor 9 Diesel Engine for IVECO Cursor 9 Diesel Engine for IVECO

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Cursor 9 Diesel Engine for IVECO